Monday, March 4, 2013


The name Huachina is Quecua: wakay means to cry and china means young woman. According lo a local legend, a young women and her lover strolled most afternoons in the countryside around Ica. But just when the couple was to be married, he dropped dead. The woman was wracked with sorrow and spent the days afterwards wandering through the countryside and retracing her walks with her lover. As she walked, her tears formed a lake.
One day she sat by the Lake , and an evil spirint in a man's form tryied to rape her. She jumped into her lake's water, imploring the water Gods to protect her by covering with a cloak of snow. She escaped the man , but she drowned in the Lake.
Now , every full moon, she floats over Huacachina Lagoon, cloacked in sparkling white light....

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